The Mad Artist is the eponymous, self-styled narrator of Roger Keen’s memoir, The Mad Artist: Psychonautic Adventures in the 1970s, which covers four years of psychedelically enhanced life in late ’70s Britain, written within the trip-lit tradition that includes The Doors of Perception, The Hasheesh Eater, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Naked Lunch. It gives a user’s-eye perspective of mind-expanded states with very intricate, detailed descriptions. Most contemporary drug memoirs are stories of mishap, recovery and rehab; but this one is about the actual experience of tripping and being stoned—both the upside and downside—and all the weird, wonderful, funny and scary headspaces you can get into, and how they impact on your larger view of life.

Roger Keen is a writer, filmmaker and film critic. He has contributed to many award-winning programmes for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and his articles, interviews and reviews have appeared in many magazines and webzines, such as Critical Wave, Writer’s Monthly, The Third Alternative, The Digital Fix, Evolver, DVD Times, The Zone, Video Vista and Infinityplus.

See more of Roger’s work on Roger Keen.com

More about The Mad Artist: Psychonautic Adventures in the 1970s

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